Canadian Libraries’ Response to Chapter 18 of TPP agreement

  02/23/16 14:34 , Categories: News , Tags: Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

The Canadian Library Association, the Canadian Association of Research Libraries, and the Canadian Urban Libraries Council have jointly prepared a statement in response to the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Our associations speak on behalf of Canadian researchers, students, educators and millions of others who rely on libraries for the development, preservation, and dissemination of Canadian content.


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Anne Frank Foundation attempts to keep the Diary out of the public domain

  11/13/15 14:34 , Categories: Access Copyright

New fall copyright drop-in workshops

  08/04/15 15:27 , Categories: FAQ's, Teaching


Wondering what the copyright guidelines are around making course materials available for students? Come for one of our copyright workshops and have all your questions answered.

Please contact for more information.

"Happy Birthday" Song may be lying about its age...

  07/29/15 09:34 , Categories: Access Copyright


A California production company is challenging Warner Music's famous copyright claim to the "Happy Birthday" song. The latest discoveries suggest that the song may have been in the public domain already. The court battle continues, and Warner has a lot to lose with this one very popular song.

Supreme Court Decisions dating back to 1876 being made available digitally

  04/22/15 11:48 , Categories: Access Copyright


The Supreme Court and Lexum have now extended their database of Supreme Court decisions back to 1876. This makes for greater access for historical legal research.

(Via National Post)


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