Supreme Court Decisions dating back to 1876 being made available digitally

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The Supreme Court and Lexum have now extended their database of Supreme Court decisions back to 1876. This makes for greater access for historical legal research.

(Via National Post)

Government of Canada proposes copyright protection for sound recordings be extended to 70 years

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As part of the 2015 budget proposal - the Government of Canada is proposing that artists/publishers retain copyright in recorded music for 70 years. This would extend copyright past the current 50 years. (via Music Business World)

Upcoming spring copyright workshops are now open for registration!

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Planning an upcoming course? This session will provide participants with practical solutions for delivering course materials in class and online while adhering to legal obligations. Please visit the UVic Copyright website to register.

Public domain / retro poster images from the Library of Congress

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Looking for copyright-friendly images for your next project? Check out the Library of Congress' Prints and Photographs Online Catalognue. Full of fun and kitschy posters, many in the public domain.

Notice and Notice policy

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The "notice-and- notice policy for ISPs goes went into effect on January 2, 2015. Canadian internet providers will be required to forward copyright infringement notices to their subscribers. Providers who do not comply face up to $10,000 in damages.The law caps damages, for internet users, at $5,000 on non-commercial infringements.

See Michael Geist blog of a discussion on this issue:

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