Copibec launching class action lawsuit against Laval for alleged copyright infringement

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Copyright in Knitting and Crocheting

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This article, found via @Copyright_Agent on Twitter, discusses some interesting issues around copyright and crafting. The world of crafting understandably involves a lot of derivation and artistic inspiration, based on another crafter's work, which is where questions of copyright can arise. Within the limitations of any media, there will be natural similarities between a product with artistic variations, such as a knitted toque. This article, while based in American law, provides some clarity for how to apprach this issue locally. As well, the rise of internet-based craft retail sites like Etsy has changed the scope and financial implications of intellectual property issues in craft.

Copyright Workshop for Grad Students

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Graduate Students at UVic

Are you considering incorporating images, photos, maps, diagrams, etc. not created by you in your thesis/dissertation? Have you thought about copyright implications associated with your use of this content?

The Copyright Office is offering workshops for grad students who are working on their thesis or dissertation. Please talk to your department's graduate supervisor to organize a session to discuss these issues or come to our drop-in office hours in McPherson Library - Room 135e on Tuesdays between 12:30-1:30pm.

New Copyright Drop-In Office Hours

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The UVic Copyright Office is offering new drop-in office hours for faculty, staff and students who have questions about copyright. You can find us on the main floor, room 135e - in the Academic Commons - between 12:30 and 1:30 pm on Tuesdays.

Access Copyright answers awkward questions posed by the Copyright Board

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Howard Knopf ( and Michael Geist ( have begun to unpack Access Copyright's responses to the Copyright Board's questions from Feb.18th. The Copyright Board has asked Access to explain certain aspects of their board submission. I am particularly enjoying Access's rationale behind attaching the copyright tariff to acts of linking/hyperlinking. Their response explains that linking is "telecommunication" and "making available to the public".

If hyperlinking without permission is illegal, 99.99% of the internet is breaking the law. AC does concede a lack of evidence, and "has no objection to the Board removing this permitted use from the certified tariff", but then goes on to provide legal justification for the inclusion of links and hyperlinks in the tariff.

According to #54 of the Board Submission, Access Copyright asserts that displaying a work on your computer screen can be defined as copying because "viewing a Digital Copy electronically (through a monitor, laptop, tablet, smartphone, e-reader, or other device) is the quintessence of digital copying". Please discuss.

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